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How Robert Price is doing its bit to be more eco-friendly

As 11,000 scientists from all over the globe urge that climate change is a ‘clear and unequivocal’ emergency, the challenge of global warming is something that cannot be ignored. At Robert Price, we are continuously working to reduce our plastic waste, promote eco-friendly products and recycle where possible to minimise our environmental impact.

Reducing plastic waste

Plastic pollution has become a major factor amongst environmental problems, with approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finding their way into our oceans every day. As the production of disposable plastic products increases year up on year, the speed of plastic production outweighs the world’s ability to deal with them. To try and reduce plastic pollution, it is important to recycle and be mindful when it comes to purchasing plastic products.

At Robert Price, we are working to reduce our plastic waste across all aspects of the business. We are currently working with our suppliers to offer recycled and recyclable bulkbags. The very nature of bulkbags mean that they are largely used for heavy goods or outdoor storage of building materials on construction sites. It is because of this that a biodegradable plastic bulkbag would be unsuitable in terms of its safety and capability to hold heavy materials. However, we are working with our bulkbag manufacturer and supplier, who are currently testing bags created from 100% recycled materials, to offer our customers a robust yet eco-friendly solution.

Although currently not recyclable, the good news is our bulkbags can be reused in other ways. Our Abergavenny branch recently helped Llangattock Litter Pickers in their mission to #KeepWalesTidy by supplying them with used bulkbags. The bags helped to gather up some of the 35-40 tons of fly tipping on Gilwern Hill, getting a reuse out of the bags at the same time!

Fly Tipping Action Wales

We have teamed up with Fly-tipping Action Wales, offering free help and advice to all of our customers on waste disposal. In Wales alone, fly-tipping rates are reported to have become increasingly problematic, with 20,910 reported incidents in South East Wales in 2017-18.

At Robert Price, our objective is to educate tradespeople on how to register with Natural Resources Wales, informing customers on their duty of care towards waste disposal.

Jayne Carter, senior environmental project officer at Fly-tipping Action Wales says:

“Working in partnership with Robert Price is helping to raise awareness and deliver the important message to tradespeople that having a waste carrier license and managing waste according to their duty of care, is a legal requirement. Fly-tippers could receive an unlimited fine, a custodial sentence and/or have their vehicle seized [if they don’t follow fly tipping laws].”

Eco-friendly products

If you’re a nature lover, you might already know that new building efficiency regulations have meant that the nooks and crannies our wildlife call home have become few and far between. If you’re in the middle of a big project but need to find a way of accommodating fluffy or feathered friends, we might be able to help!

Robert Price are committed to respecting wildlife and our new eco-friendly bat and bird boxes from Schwegler help to do just that. For over 65 years, Schwegler have been one of the most trusted brands for conservation equipment, recommended by leading nature conservation organisations across Europe.

There are various designs and systems available to fit in or onto buildings, crafted out of wood-concrete to ensure decades of maintenance-free accommodation for wildlife. Plus, having bat and bird boxes not only reduces their risk of extinction through habitat and roost loss but also provides natural pest control for your garden.

Call your local branch to find out more about Schwegler bat and bird boxes.

Our paper footprint

By minimising paper waste, we can help to reduce our carbon footprint. We provide an e-Billing service to all of our account customers, minimising the amount of paper we use through digital invoicing and reducing our paper footprint. e-Billing also provides an improved service for our customers. Instead of receiving your printed bills through the post, paperless billing allows you to receive monthly statements and invoices within 1-2 days of making a purchase, via email.,.

By choosing to go paperless, you’ll receive quicker invoices and reduce your carbon footprint, a win-win situation!

How to help our environment

If you’re interested in helping our environment for the better, here are a few helpful tips to assist you along the way!

  • Always try to use reusable shopping bags or ask for a cardboard box
  • Avoid printing where you can
  • Use recyclable water bottles
  • Decrease your energy and water consumption
  • Carshare when possible or use public transport

Taking steps to build a healthier world is easier than you think. Start off small by changing a few daily habits to join Robert Price in doing our bit for the environment.

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