including Branch Managers, Contract Management, Senior Management, Buying & Supply Chain, Accounts & Finance, Marketing & Online Content, HR & Legal, IT & Systems, Property Maintenance, Transport & Logistics


  • Branch Managers – management roles at each individual Robert Price branch cover everything from sales to logistics, stocking to staff leadership.
  • Contract Management – primarily sales roles, specifically managing our public sector contracts in our managed supply services division.
  • Senior Management – involves management at a higher level to oversee branch performance or division progress and development.
  • Buying & Supply Chain – our product managers and buyers ensure we offer innovative products and all the latest building solutions. Buyers are also responsible for ensuring our stock levels are appropriate and that customer needs are serviceable.
  • Accounts & Finance – a role in our finance or head office accounts team involves ensuring that our credit accounts are efficiently managed and ensures company accounting practices are operating correctly.
  • Marketing & Online Content – the marketing team manages communications, branding, advertising, social media, hospitality and events across the company. Website content and sales is also handled here as well as everything from PR to product promotions.
  • HR & Legal – involves company legal practice work, support for commercial agreements, H&S management, HR and recruitment services, managing terms and conditions and policies, generally ensuring business compliance goes hand in hand with delivering good service and efficiency.
  • IT & Systems – involves ensuring our computer systems and digital services run smoothly day to day and develop over time to meet ever changing customer needs.
  • Property Maintenance – a role in the maintenance team involves ensuring all our branch buildings, yards and offices are well maintained, call outs are highly varied. Assistance is also called upon for shows, exhibitions and event set up, which adds further variation.
  • Transport & Logistics – involves overseeing fleet operations and vehicle safety across all branches, assisting with route planning and site access, making sure delivery fleet is well maintained and functional, working with yard foremen to ensure fleet is efficient and reliable.


A career in the builders’ merchant industry offers much more than you might expect. There are a wide range of positions at Robert Price requiring individuals from all fields and disciplines. It’s a fast paced, dynamic and engaging industry where you’ll find yourself working towards real life goals and tackling customer supply retail issues that matter. Building, construction and material supply are fundamental infrastructure elements. Houses, Shops, Hospitals, Schools and Roads, they all need building, we are the merchant industry that supplies them.

Our head office is home to many of the senior management teams from finance to marketing, HR to IT. Based in Abergavenny, in a beautiful rural town setting, our local connections run deep - we’ve been established here since 1847. Our larger branch in Newport also houses other senior management teams, offering two differing management hubs.

If you’re looking for locally based opportunities with fantastic progression potential, you should certainly consider a role at Robert Price. We’re a family business who put our employees first, look to have fun and get the best out of every team. We are looking for individuals with the drive to succeed in taking the business forward. Sharing our commitment to great service and quality is essential, as we seek the best candidates to excel in our range of head office and managerial roles.


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