Robert Price team up with Fly-tipping Action Wales to educate customers on their legal waste duty of care

Robert Price are teaming up with Fly-tipping Action Wales to offer free help and advice to all our customers on waste disposal.

Fly-tipping Action Wales will be holding an information drop-in at Robert Price, Newport, on Corporation Road on Wednesday 14th August from 8am until around midday.

The aim is to educate tradespeople who carry waste on how to register with Natural Resources Wales and inform all customers on their duty of care.

It follows a new fixed penalty notice introduced earlier this year, granting local authorities the power to issue £300 fines to householders who have breached their waste duty of care.

Any waste handed over to another person or company must include checks to ensure the person collecting it is registered as a waste carrier with Natural Resources Wales and they should also be asked where the waste is being taken.

In a bid to help make sure its customers are aware of their waste duty of care, Robert Price has partnered with the Welsh Government initiative, Fly-tipping Action Wales, to deliver the proper information on what to do.

Marketing manager at Robert Price, Molly Pike, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Fly-tipping Action Wales on this campaign and to be offering our customers useful information and support on trade waste handling and disposal.”

“Fly Tipping is a serious issue and it is especially damaging in areas with environmental protection status, including the Gwent Levels near our branch in Newport. It’s not just these hot spots that need addressing however, as fly tipping in any area is a local nuisance. It runs down the area and causes knock on antisocial behavior, all damaging the local economy and undermining potential prosperity.

“We fully support government initiatives to tackle fly tipping, including the new fines. It is important, however, to ensure that none of our customers fall victim to a fine, due to lack of knowledge of their duty to get registered, or failure to meet their duty of care when passing on their waste.”

“Our customers could be faced with hefty fines, even when they believe they’re paying to have their trade waste properly disposed of. This is why it’s important for us to do our bit in educating people in the industry on how to meet their legal duty of care.”

Fly-tipping rates in Wales are reported to have become increasingly problematic, with 20,910 reported incidents in South East Wales in 2017-18.

Jayne Carter, senior environmental project officer at Fly-tipping Action Wales explains the importance of raising awareness around the issue.

“The Living Levels Landscape Partnership deliver a programme of work which will promote and reconnect people to the heritage, wildlife and wild beauty of the historic landscape of the Gwent Levels,” she said.

“Part of this is the aesthetics of the area, which is why Fly-tipping Action Wales is managing a project to reduce and further reduce fly-tipping in the area.

“Working in partnership with Robert Price is helping to raise awareness and deliver the important message to tradespeople that having a waste carrier license and managing waste according to their duty of care, is a legal requirement. Fly-tippers could receive an unlimited fine, a custodial sentence and/or have their vehicle seized.”

To find out more, visit the Robert Price branch in Newport on August 14th.