including Yard Sales & Service, Counter Sales & Service, Yard Foremen


  • Yard Sales & Service – involves working in our yard areas; stock location and relocation, forklift operation, serving customers, loading customer vehicles, loading lorries, accepting and returning goods, product inspection, yard and warehouse organisation and tidying.
  • Counter Sales & Service – involves serving customers at the trade counter; handling customer enquiries, answering product questions, booking out goods, handling payments, checking orders, stocking shelves, shop organisation and product displays, offering quality service to all our customers.
  • Foreman (management role) – in charge of the yard and deliveries teams; organising yard stock locations, handling yard operation team management, scheduling lorry usage and delivery routes, heading up logistical problem solving, checking orders out for delivery, running a seamless operation with the office based teams.


The yard is the heart and soul of Robert Price. It’s where our heavyside products are kept, where our customers pick out their items and where our lorries are loaded for deliveries – all of which means our yard staff play a vital role in the everyday running of the company. Whether it’s moving stock with a forklift truck, helping customers with product enquiries or keeping a well organised clean and tidy yard running smoothly, the daily routine of our yard staff is varied and challenging.

Whilst the yard staff do most of the heavy lifting and machine operation, working on the counter at our branches is exciting for different reasons. Our counter staff are usually the first point of contact with the customer, meaning making a good impression with excellent customer service is essential. Stocking shop shelves, managing all counter enquiries and taking payments from customers are just some of the things you’ll be doing if you join Robert Price as part of our Counter Sales & Service team.

A position in the yard or on the counter is an opportunity to join a great team in any of our branches. There are also plenty of cross over opportunities between the two sections. We are always on the look out for individuals who relish the opportunity to get stuck in. If you’re looking for an active role that combines customer service skills with problem solving, an eye for sales and logical, practical abilities, this could be the one for you.


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