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An extensive range of animal medicines and health products are available at our Robert Price Agricultural branch in Abergavenny; our highly knowledgeable team members are on hand to help direct you if required.


A range of POM-VPS medicines are available with our AMTRA accredited staff to advise you towards the solution you need.

General Health

A selection of general health products and health licks for a range of animals.

Cattle Health

Various health products for cattle including vitamin & mineral drench, colostrum and udder cream.

Sheep Health

Everything you’ll need for a healthy flock including vitamin & mineral drench, colostrum and bolus supplements.

Poultry Health

A selection of antibacterial powders and louse/mite prevention products to ensure your birds are kept happy and healthy.

Horse Health

A variety of equine health products such as health powders/gels/creams, wound dressings and coat/mane/tail treatments.

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