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Our range of geotechnical products include woven/non-woven membranes, geogrids, gabion baskets and retaining wall structures, offering the highest quality materials in a range of sizes to suit every project.

Geotextiles Woven

Woven geosynthetic fabrics are weed suppressant and are perfect for ground separation and reinforcement while allowing for water filtration.

Geotextiles Non-Woven

The non woven range is thermally bonded and needle punched to give the fabrics increased performance characteristics, commonly specified as separation, protection, filtration and drainage geotextiles.


Geogrids provide ground reinforcement, preventing soils from pulling apart under tension by allowing the force to be transferred to a larger area. They are ideally suited for use on haul roads, permanent roads, piling platforms, compounds, slopes and much more.

Gabion Baskets

A modular containment system that enables rock, stone and nondegradable inert materials to be used as a construction material. The ‘cages’, are formed from wire mesh fabric panels, jointed to form square, rectangular or trapezoidal shaped units.

Retaining Wall Structures

The product is designed to prevent sloping site issues as well as creating a more efficient use of land. Suitable for higher walling projects such as public highways, housing developments or extensive commercial properties. A cost-effective solution as they are mortar-free, and promise a fast and easy installation process.

Track Balast

Rail track ballast serves as a bed for rail tracks and provides drainage and strength for heavy loads carried by trains.

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Civils - Commercial Groundworks

We can supply a full range of industrial and commercial drainage products.

Our Newport branch specialises in civils and stocks a large selection of products to meet every drainage requirement:

  • Commercial drainage
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Street furniture
  • Geotechnical membranes
  • Highways / Road repair

Contact the specialist Civils Team at our Newport branch for details.

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