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We supply a vast range of door, window and cabinet hinges of various styles, sizes and finishes to suit every requirement. We also stock external hinges for use on sheds and domestic or commercial gates. We work with the best suppliers to ensure our products meet the high standards of quality and style that our customers expect.

Door Hinges

The hinge is the mount and pivot point of a door and is arguably the most important part of your entrance. Available in various sizes, colours, finishes and types to suit a wide range of locations and requirements.

Fire Door Hinges

A selection of high-performance hinges constructed with a robust design and fire-rated materials to ensure your heavy fire doors continue to function smoothly and effectively in combination with door closers.

Specialist Hinges

A range of door hinges for more specialist applications such as flush hinges, window hinges, counterflap hinges and H hinges. Various size options, colours and finishes are available for almost every requirement.

Concealed Hinges

Perfect for doors where you do not want a hinge on display, as they hide away behind the doors and are invisible to the eye. Different sizes are available to suit a multitude of applications.

Friction Hinges

A torque or friction hinge offers resistance to the pivoting motion; effectively slowing the movement so the window can be held in place. Our friction hinges are suitable for uPVC, timber and aluminium windows.

Cabinet Hinges

Make the opening and closing of your cabinet and kitchen doors safe, smooth and easy with our high-quality cabinet hinges. Offered in a range of angles, with either sprung or un-sprung mechanisms to suit every application.

Shed Hinges

Various tee hinges suitable for external use to distribute the weight of the door evenly, providing a solid fixing and smooth action. A large number of finishes, sizes and styles are available.

Gate Hinges

A large selection of external hinges for gates. Hook and band gates feature a hook with a band sitting over this to secure it in place. Available in various sizes, colours and finishes to suit any exterior style.

Field Gate Hinges

Gates hinges suitable for larger commercial or agricultural applications. An adjustable hinge that includes bolts, screws and anti-theft nuts; it is suitable for both single and double gate systems on flat or uneven ground.

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