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We boast a comprehensive product list for all above and below-ground drainage requirements. We stock a full range of concrete, clay fittings and plastic pipes and fittings of all sizes, for both domestic and commercial usage, while we also supply cast iron, steel and plastic manhole covers and gratings of various sizes.

Plastic Pipes & Drainage

We stock a selection of plastic underground pipes including rigid soil and underground drainage pipes, or flexible perforated and non-perforated land drainage coils in various lengths and sizes.

Plastic Drainage Fittings

A large and varied selection of plastic drainage fittings are available in either 110mm or 160mm sizes. Fittings include inspection chambers, couplings, junctions and bottle gullies.

Clay Underground

A number of clay pipes and fittings are available to suit underground requirements.

Gully Gratings & Manhole Covers

We stock a large number of cast iron, steel and plastic manhole covers and gratings of various shapes and sizes, including highway approved ductile iron covers/frames and ductile iron gully gratings/frames.

Linear Drains & Channels

Our range of linear drain products include plastic or concrete ACO drains with either plastic or steel gratings.

Water Management

Our additional water management products include items for sewage treatment, separator tanks and water attenuation crates.

Civils - Concrete Drainage

We offer a large range of concrete pipes of various sizes to suit all commercial drainage requirements. Please note, we do not stock concrete pipes, but can supply on a direct to site basis.

Civils - Concrete Groundworks

We can supply a number of concrete fittings, including manhole inspection chambers, cover slabs, couplings and junctions.

Civils - Plastic Drainage

An extensive selection of commercial foul and storm underground drainage pipes and fittings are available to suit every location and situation.

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Civils - Commercial Groundworks

We can supply a full range of industrial and commercial drainage products.

Our Newport branch specialises in civils and stocks a large selection of products to meet every drainage requirement:

  • Commercial drainage
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Street furniture
  • Geotechnical membranes
  • Highways / Road repair

Contact the specialist Civils Team at our Newport branch for details.

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