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Our extensive roofing felt and membrane selection is comprehensive in range and availability. We also stock roofing accessories such as felt support trays, dry verges, valleys and other essential roof furniture.

Underlay Felt

Pitched roof felt for use under tiles or slates; available in a selection of grades, widths and lengths.

Flat Roof Felt

A selection of roofing felt for sheds and flat roofs, in a variety of lengths and sizes to ensure all your needs are covered.

Breathable Membranes

A range of waterproof, high performance and multi-layer breathable and non-breathable membranes for use in tiled, slated or metal roof systems.


We stock a large selection of British Standard roofing batten for all your roofing requirements. Available in a range of sizes and lengths.

Felt Support Tray

Used to protect roofing felt at the eaves of a roof and to replace old and worn roofing felt.

Roofing Timber

We stock a large selection of graded timber in various sizes, lengths and grades, suitable for all roofing applications.

Specialist Roofing Services

Robert Price Roofing

If you have measurements or drawings of your roofing project, you can ask your local branch to assist. Alternatively, our regional roofing specialists can advise you on quantities, prices or simply which materials might work best for your project. If measurements are not available, then we can also provide a site take-off service where a member of staff can visit, measure and price your materials. Availability is dependant on your site location.

Robert Price have three dedicated roofing branches specialising in roofing products:

We also have a roofing yard alongside our Builders’ Merchant in Ebbw Vale:


A large selection of roofing products are available at most branches.

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