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Our range of ventilation products are suitable for slate, tile or metal roofs, along with eaves and soffit vents to suit every requirement; we advise air ‘entry points’ around the eaves with exit terminals in the upper levels to provide a flow of fresh air within the loft area.

Slate & Tile Vents

Our range of roof vents are suitable for slate, tile and metal roofs, with a large range of styles available including covered terminals or flush, grated units.

Ventilation Kits

Our ventilation packs provide a complete ventilation and support system, giving additional protection to the fascia detail of all roof types.

Ridge/Hip Kits

A universal kit suitable for ridge and hip applications and works with most ridge tiles; a quicker and easier alternative to mortar and perforated for additional ventilation.

Over Fascia Vents

We stock a selection of over fascia ventilation to provide an entry point for fresh air, keeping your roof dry and free of moisture and condensation.

Soffit Vents

Our range of soffit ventilation includes individual vent units or fully vented soffit boards. For further details of our fascia and soffit product range click here.

Wall & Underfloor Vents

New regulations have increased the minimum insulation thickness. Our telescopic vents will provide a clear airflow to the void beneath an insulated suspended floor.

Rafter Roll Ventilator

Made from a continuous single profile, the panel can be rolled out over several rafters to create a ventilated gap beneath the felt running the span of the roof.

Felt Support Trays

Used to protect and support roofing felt at the eaves of a roof and to replace old and worn roofing felt.

Bird Comb Filler

A physical barrier that prevents birds, bats and insects entering the roof void between the felt and tiles and causing nesting and infestation problems.

Specialist Roofing Services

Robert Price Roofing

If you have measurements or drawings of your roofing project, you can ask your local branch to assist. Alternatively, our regional roofing specialists can advise you on quantities, prices or simply which materials might work best for your project. If measurements are not available, then we can also provide a site take-off service where a member of staff can visit, measure and price your materials. Availability is dependant on your site location.

Robert Price have three dedicated roofing branches specialising in roofing products:

We also have a roofing yard alongside our Builders’ Merchant in Ebbw Vale:


A large selection of roofing products are available at most branches.

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