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Robert Price Builders’ Merchants Help Fund School Defibrillator

Robert Price was delighted to provide Cantref Primary School, Abergavenny with a donation to help fund a potentially life-saving defibrillator.

Two pupils who attend the school have a heart condition and one day may require one nearby. So, the children in the school’s wellbeing committee set out to fundraise for a defibrillator.

Over the past year, the school has worked hard to put on different fundraising events, whilst also writing to local businesses for donations.

When the team at Robert Price received a letter from the school asking for help, we wanted to get involved, so we got in touch to make a donation.

After reaching their target, the school finally has the much wanted defibrillator on site.

Mr Brunsdon, Head Teacher at Cantref Primary School was delighted by everyone’s efforts:

“This has been a wonderful project for the children as they have seen it right through from the initial idea, raising funds, purchasing and arranging training in how to use it. I was particularly impressed when I listened in on the meeting with Molly from Robert Price.

‘‘The children spoke with such knowledge and passion and it was obvious they had a clear target they wanted to reach. I am very proud of all of them.”

Molly Pike, Marketing Director at Robert Price, said:

“We were honoured to be involved in this project that was led by the children at Cantref Primary School. As soon as we were contacted we knew we wanted to get involved and help the children reach their target.

Not only were we impressed by their determination, but having a defib on site at the school is hugely important.”

The defibrillator is located within the school, but can also be accessed by members of the community when the school is open.

Mrs Francis, the school’s wellbeing lead, added:

“I hope no-one will ever need to use it but we know it is there if we need it. I would like to say thank you to all the contributors for their generosity but also the children in the Wellbeing Committee.

‘‘They have pushed this from the very start and shown dedication and passion in order to achieve their target. A fantastic achievement!”

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