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Delivery Information

With a modern fleet of over 50 vehicles, we will deliver your goods direct, promptly and in good condition. We can deliver to almost any site in South-East Wales with a range of various sized vehicles, including small and large HIABs, flat beds, transits and small vans.

Place your order

Call our dedicated, experienced and helpful sales team with your enquiry or for any advice. We will try to assist you in choosing the items you need. You can place your order and pay over the phone, or if you are a credit account holder then we can put it on your account.

Tell us where to deliver

We will need to know where to deliver your items. A valid UK address, including house name/number and a postcode, are essential, while we also encourage our customers to use what3words to assist our drivers in finding the delivery site or to give our drivers an exact access location or the area to place the items.

Provide your number

We ask that you provide the phone number of someone that will be on-site if possible. A mobile number is ideal, or if the location has limited service a landline would be helpful (even if this is your customer’s number). This is so we can contact you if there are any issues, or if the driver is struggling to find the location they may call for further clarification. If no one will be on-site then please let us know and tell us exactly where you would like the items to be placed (e.g. on the drive, next to the skip) and we will try our best to do so.

Vehicle size restrictions?

Please let us know if there are any narrow lanes, low bridges, tight corners or any other access issues that may prevent our larger vehicles from getting to your site. While you may have only ordered a few items (e.g. small in size, weight or number of items) and wouldn’t expect a large lorry to deliver it, we often have lorries passing and try to be as efficient as possible. Reducing our carbon footprint and keeping the cost of delivery to a minimum.

When items are in stock

We pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency of our delivery service. If the items are in stock we can often fulfil our orders within 1-2 days. Please talk to your sales advisor to arrange the best time for both.

Items are out of stock

If the items are not in stock at your nearest branch, it may take from 1 – 7 days for the items to arrive from another branch or perhaps a little longer if the items are ‘on order’. Please liaise with your sales advisor for further details if this is the case, we endeavour to provide a fast and effective service and will try to give an accurate estimation if the items are arriving from an external source.

Meet the driver

Drivers will look out for you or knock/ring the bell of the delivery address when they arrive. We advise our customers to meet our delivery drivers to explain exactly where to deliver and to ensure that the items delivered are correct and in full. Our drivers will then get a signature upon receipt of delivery.


Kerb-side delivery

We offer a kerb-side delivery service and will not drive on private property, driveways or land without permission. We may require written permission to do so, in which case the driver will ask you to fill out a form, but it is at the driver’s discretion as to what is deemed possible. We will always try to assist in carrying or placing your products in the ideal spot.

Delivery Charges

Our standard delivery charge to an address within our branch network coverage area is £20+VAT. If your delivery address is outside our network coverage area, there will be a special delivery charge applied, depending on the distance from the stock holding branch and the type of vehicle that may be required to deliver the goods. We may also need to include any additional charges that are relevant to your delivery address such as tolls, congestion zone charges or clean air zone charges. If you would like more information on our out-of-area delivery charges, please speak to the sales team who will be able to advise. They may need to gather further information and get back to you with a quote. Please ensure you provide any information, such as charge zones that your site address falls under, when enquiring.