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We’ve merged our group companies, but what does that mean for customers?

You may have been aware that The Robert Price Group previously comprised multiple companies, trading side by side, but as separate entities. We have now merged a number of these together to create one trading entity. Our separate entities specialized in different product areas. This remains the same, but under one consistent group name and one limited company.

Robert Price Builders’ Merchants, Robert Price Timber Merchants, Robert Price Roofing (CRS) and Abergavenny Agricultural Supplies previously operated as separate companies, meaning our customers required a separate account for each division that they wished to use. All these divisions were Robert Price companies, but the paperwork was administered separately.

Moving forward all four divisions have merged and will trade under the single brand name: ‘Robert Price’. Existing account holders now have access to all Robert Price branches and new account applicants benefit from the ‘one account does it all’ improvement.

It’s a simple change that will help us serve our customers more efficiently and offer better levels of product support.


  • Increased branches and product range availability: The merge has opened up a wealth of new product specialties to all our customers. For example, customers who previously only purchased agri materials can now use their account to purchase building materials too and builders’ merchant customers can now use our timber or roofing depots whenever they need to.
  • Simplified accounts paperwork: The merge has also simplified the billing paperwork received by our customers. Rather than receiving multiple monthly statements and invoices from different Robert Price companies, the new merged approach means all Robert Price purchases will be amalgamated into one set of billing. This reduces the paper footprint, volume of filing and accounts administration required by all!

One brand name, one account does it all, multiple specialties.

  • Robert Price – Builders Merchants
  • Robert Price – Timber
  • Robert Price – Roofing (Previously CRS)
  • Robert Price – Insulation
  • Robert Price – Agricultural (Previously Abergavenny Agricultural Supplies)


Within our account options you can also opt for e-Billing. This offers an alternative to paper copy invoices and statements.

Electronic billing offers numerous benefits to our customers. From helping to reduce your carbon footprint to improving efficiency and making your accounts more manageable.

Why e-Billing is the way forward

It’s more environmentally friendly

Looking after our planet is a key reason to go paperless and switch to digital alternatives, such as e-Billing. By minimising paper waste and postage emissions, together we mitigate environmental impact. If you are a trade customer looking to improve your environmental responsibility, making small adjustments like this can also become a part of your CSR policy.

e-Billing provides an improved service

Instead of receiving your printed bills through the post, switching to paperless billing means you will receive monthly statements and your purchase invoices straight into your email inbox. What’s more, all invoices will land into your inbox within 1-3 days of making a purchase, meaning they arrive faster as well as more efficiently!

You can view your paperwork on the go

Receiving your invoices and statements by email means that you can view them anywhere, at a time that is most convenient for you.

It makes your business more efficient

There’s nothing worse than sifting through your stack of paperwork in an attempt to find a mislaid invoice or statement. Receive and store your paperwork digitally with ease.

No more filing

Gone are the days where we need a whole wall dedicated to filing systems. With invoices being stored on your PC or smartphone, you can banish those shelving units and save valuable time originally dedicated to filing paperwork.

Our paperless e-Billing service is available to all our account customers. If you would like to upgrade to our e-Billing service, get in touch with your Account Manager, contact the head office accounts team on 01873 858585 or simply fill in online form and we can update it for you today.

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