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Timber Services

At our Robert Price Timber branch in Cardiff, we can offer various timber services.

Specialist Timber Services


We offer full machining services to get high-quality smooth, planed and moulded timber items, with the perfect finish.

We stock large quantities of different types of wood; with our onsite precision machining we can offer a fast turnaround on all orders.

We can machine standard or bespoke profiles to match any existing patterns. Whether it’s skirting and architrave or cladding. Available in softwood or a range of hardwoods.


Gauging is where timber is machined to be a uniform size over a number of pieces or packs.

Most carcassing timber is pre-gauged but we can machine this into bespoke sizes or widths as needed.

Milling & Cutting

We offer a variety of milling services; we cut timber, I-beams, plywood, MDF and other boards.

Our range of specialist tools and machinery will help to ensure you get a bespoke cut to order, whenever you need it.

Strength Grading

All construction timber must be graded in terms of its strength and stiffness, usually C16 or C24. Most carcassing timber is machine graded by the manufacturers.

We have certified visual graders who can grade timber that either has no previous grade or timber that has been machined and can be regraded.

Specialist Timber Services


Cardiff Timber has an onsite pressurised treatment tank where we can treat timber with Tanalith E9000 treatment for a variety of different situations and user classes.



We can provide any timber coated with a water-based primer, all done to order.