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Sustainability Policy


This is the Sustainability Policy for Financial Year ending 30th September 2021.

Robert Price Group:

  • Robert Price (Builders’ Merchants) Ltd.
  • P. Davies & Sons Ltd.
  • Gower Timber Ltd.
  • Robert Price (Builders’ Bitz) Ltd.

Robert Price Builders’ Merchants is a family owned, independent SME. We are proud of our Welsh heritage. Our
business has developed in harmony with local people and communities over 170 years.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to supporting the local communities in which we operate and we undertake our corporate social
responsibility with pride. We have an established reputation for actively supporting local charities, community projects,
clubs and organisations. All our branches are enthusiastically involved with their local communities and clubs and provide
additional support with product donations. Our branches also organise fundraising activities for local and national
charities throughout the year.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognise that our social responsibilities extend beyond the local community to the whole planet. In our diverse
roles as supplier of building and timber products for use in the construction industry, as employer and as a member of
the community, we understand the importance of identifying and minimising the environmental impacts that are
associated with our activities. We are committed to a proactive approach to environmental management and we
promote good environmental practice by our staff in the implementation of our Environmental Management System. We
endeavour to reduce our carbon footprint andourCO2 emissions, from both our offices and delivery fleet. Details of our
commitment to reducing our environmental impact can be found in our Environmental Policy.

Economic Responsibility

As a cornerstone of the local economy, we help to bring stability to a great number of families and businesses in South
Wales. We source many of our materials locally and the majority of our customers and our 200+ staff live locally. We
are committed to sound financial and accounting practices and regard these as fundamental to our operation and business
planning. We pay our suppliers promptly and identify and mitigate any financial risk involved with the company. By actively
seeking and developing new financial opportunities we are able to invest for the future in land and capital resources thus
ensuring the continued growth of the company.

Responsible Procurement

All our branches are chain of custody accredited; being able to offer certified timber products which are guaranteed to
come from legal and well managed sources. Further details are set out in our Timber Procurement Policy.

All natural stone supplied by us has been ethically sourced. It is purchased through the Stonemarket Ethical Partnership
Scheme which is committed to improving conditions in the suppliers’ work places and improving the lives of workers
who make these products. The Scheme ensures that no child labour is used, living wages are paid, working conditions are
safe and hygienic and no harsh or inhumane treatment is tolerated.

Renewable Energy

We can help our customers meet their environmental obligations through sustainable building methods. We work in
partnership with manufacturers of renewable energy systems such as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps
and solar panels. We advise (in association with our suppliers) on grants and funding available for these systems and
provide information and advice on RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

We are committed to continuing to manage our business responsibly and to maintaining these fundamental sustainable
principles for the mutual benefit of the company and the communities in which we trade.