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Robert Price stock a vast range of plumbing materials, fittings and equipment; including copper and plastic pipes for central heating and water/waste management. Our products are expertly sourced and meet the high standards of quality that our customers expect.

Copper Fittings

Straight couplers, elbows, tees, reducers, olives and end caps; available in end feed, solder ring and compression.

Copper Tube

A range of copper tube in various lengths and sizes; 10mm(microbore), 15mm, 22mm, 28mm – standard and covered pipe available in singles or multipacks.

Brassware & Valves

Our extensive range of brass fittings include all types of compression fittings, taps, stopcocks and valves (lever/ball).

Soil/Waste Pipes & Fittings

A large selection of soil pipe and fittings available in various sizes; available in 32mm, 40mm, 82mm and 110mm, along with all traps, bottles and associated fittings.

Plastic Pipe

A selection of plastic pipes are available in various sizes to suit every requirement, including MDPE, barrier pipes and gas pipes.

Plastic Fittings

We stock all types of plastic pipe fittings to go with our range of plastic pipes including straight couplers, tees, elbows, with all O-rings and necessary seals.

Waste & Traps

A number of different traps and waste fittings for either the kitchen or bathroom, to fit all sizes of pipes.

Water Tanks & Cylinders

We supply a full range of water tanks, cylinders and expansion vessels, available for both potable water and heating in a large range of sizes to suit ay requirement.

Plumbing Accessories

Additional plumbing products to complete all water and heating jobs to the best standard. Products include filling loops, solder wire, pipe clips, jubilee clips, washers and many more.

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