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Robert Price has a selection of door frames and linings available in hardwood, softwood and MDF to match your existing interior design or theme. A range of architrave is also available to finish your doors to the highest-standard.

Door Frames

The term door frame typically applies to a pre-fabricated frame structure for an external door opening. The frame is the complete casement structure that surrounds the door panel. It includes the jambs, header, cill, stop and all other components. These can be timber or composite.

We stock or supply a range of frames to meet every requirement.

Some carpenters may also refer to a door lining as a door frame.

Door Linings & Casements

Door linings, otherwise known as casements, are sold as a complete set of the materials needed to fabricate the lining structure that surrounds a door. They are sometimes alternatively called a door lining kit. A door lining typically consists of the door jambs, door stop and a reversible pre-trenched header to suit 2 different door width options. Choose a frame depth to suit your wall thickness and height from common options. Our door linings are available untreated, or primed and treated, in various materials such as PSE timber or MDF.

As an alternative to purchasing a ready-to-go door lining kit, you can buy the component parts individually and make your own door lining to suit unusual opening sizes or bespoke door situations.


Architrave is the decorative moulding that is fixed to the outside of the lining and finishes the frame. The pattern or moulding shape can be chosen to compliment your skirting design. The architrave covers any gaps or imperfections between your stud, plaster-edge and door lining and creates a beautiful decorative finish.

We offer an extensive range of primed or untreated architrave in hardwood or softwood and primed MDF, in many sizes and profiles.

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