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A vast range of locks, latches and door furniture to ensure your doors and windows are kept safe and secure at all times. We work with the best suppliers to ensure our products meet the high standards of security, quality and style that our customers expect.

Cylinder Locks

Our range of single and double cylinder, or pin-tumbler locks, are mainly used on doors to provide a secure but easy-to-fit mechanism – they are also relatively simple to re-key without having to remove the barrel. Available in a range of materials to suit your home styling.

Mortice Locks

A mortice lock fits inside the pocket of the door and can provide an elegant and extremely secure mechanism. Common on wooden entrance and exterior doors; they are offered in a range of styles and finishes to suit both domestic and commercial applications. Deadlocks, sash locks and latches are available.


Mounted on the internal door surface, with a lever on the inside and key entry from the external side. The bolt can be withdrawn and/or locked in place with an internal button. Available in various finishes to suit your other door features.

Push Button Locks

Ideal for areas where security is a priority but multiple users must still have access. A coded input eliminates the necessity of a key entry system and the code can be changed as and when required. Several coded locks are available in different finishes to suit your preference.

Door & Barrel Bolts

A simple system that can be mounted on the surface to secure doors. Good for bathrooms, cupboards, sheds and a vast range of other areas. We stock a variety of standard barrel/cylinder type door bolts, as well as more aesthetically shaped, flat door bolts in a chrome or brass finish.

Bathroom Locks

Many bathroom and internal door locks are available, including turn and release locks, in various finishes and styles. We also stock indicator locks to display the occupied status for commercial applications.


A large range of standard and heavy-duty padlocks, with both key and combination/coded options to unlock. Manufactured from robust material including stainless steel and brass to ensure a a highly secure product while reducing the chance of corrosion and weathering.

Key Safes

Secure your keys and valuables in an external box or safe. Locked and secured with a combination code, ideal for multiple users of a single key, or when carrying a key is difficult or unfeasible.

Security Lights

A number of external LED security lighting options are available, including solar powered or mains-powered floodlights with standard switched or PIR ‘sensor’ lights to detect movement.

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